A National Problem: 19-Year-Old Kills Herself Huffing Computer Keyboard Spray

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Trying to get high, an Oregon teen killed herself sniffing, or “huffing” as it is called, a can of compressed gas used to spray clean computer keyboards, authorities reported on December 13.

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19-year-old Shayla Ream was discovered on her bedroom floor amidst a pool of her own vomit on December 13. She was rushed to the hospital but died there the next morning.

Authorities pointed to an empty can of the cleaning product Dust Off, a can of compressed air used to spray electronics free of dust.

Shayla Ream, dead from “huffing.”

Shayla is just one of some 2 million teens in the US who use caustic sprays and household cleaners every year in an attempt to get high. Sadly, thousands around the world die from their attempts.

Shayla’s sister, Cassandra, is hoping that her family’s pain can be used to warn other teens to avoid the deadly mistake her sister made.

Cassandra told the media, “I wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

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“I really care about other people and for their sake and I know that my sister would care about them.”

Cassandra said that the intoxicant, “coated her lungs as she huffed the inhalant called Dust-Off. When that happened it left no more oxygen to her brain, which shut off all of her organs. And it only happened in a matter of minutes.”

The Daily Mail reports that, “According to information from inhalant.org, over 2.6 million children between the ages of 12 and 17 use inhalants each year.”

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As the video above shows, Shayla isn’t the only promising teen girl whose life was snuffed out by this abuse of household products.

Please, if you are a parent, discuss this with your children.

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