CNN News Anchor Abandons Guest To Cough Up “Hairball”

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Quite a strange sequence of events occurred when a news anchor abandoned her guest and killed her mic in order to cough up, “a hairball.”

The event occurred mid-interview between anchor Brooke Baldwin, and her guest, Jake Tapper.

During the clip, you can see Baldwin physically trying to ignore the reflex about to happen when she cuts off Tapper mid-sentence.

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Grasping at her throat, she interrupts saying, “Guy — forgive me Tapper — kill my mic, I am about hacka — hack up.”

The mic then cuts out as Balwin is seen still trying to jest her way through the moment. The television then cuts to just Tapper where he is seen awkwardly staring into the camera for an excruciating 12 seconds.


The silence finally breaks when Tapper has had enough and asks, “Hello?”

The embarrassed Baldwin, while still trying regain her composure, resurrects on screen saying, “Sorry, Tapper. I had to cough, I’m fighting a cold. Forgive me, not beautiful.”

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Tapper, jokingly trying to get back on point, first points out that Baldwin, “must’ve had quite a hairball in there.”

After the segment ends, Balwain apologized once again for the incident.  Tapper, seemingly irked by the incident, asks, “They have water in Atlanta, right?”  He then raises his coffee mug to the camera gesturing for the anchor to take a sip.

Baldwin states that she is in NY and that she was just handed a cup of tea. She then raises her styrofoam cup to the camera and says, “Cheers,” to Tapper.

Needless to say, it was quite the bizarre exchange.  What do you guys think?

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