Man Robs Bank Dressed as a Duck Dynasty Character

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The Duck Dynasty controversy that continues to unfold may have inspired a truly bizarre bank robbery on Saturday morning in suburban Washington, DC. A man wearing a dirty, fake beard entered a bank with a gun and fired a shot into the ceiling.

He then took cash from the teller and fled in a maroon sedan according to the Washington Post.

The robbery sent police cars scrambling to catch up with the man in Laurel, Maryland where the robbery took place at a PNC bank. The bank remains closed and police are continuing to look for the getaway car. Police are continuing to try and identify the bearded bandet.

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Police Department Spokesman Pete Piringer said, “We believe someone saw the car afterward, and we are asking for the public’s help.”

Some employees described the robber’s disguise as a Santa beard, while others like Piringer said, “It looked more like a ‘Duck Dynasty’ to me.

Take a look for yourself:


My personal opinion is that this is either the worst Santa disguise I have ever seen or most likely a fan of he popular show. Who knows? Maybe this is his vey bizarre and misguided way of showing support for Phil Robertson.

What do you think? Santa or Duck Dynasty character?

Let us know in the comments section below.

(H/T: The Blaze, Washington Post)

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