CAUGHT ON TAPE: Police Harass Resident For Washing A Car In Their Own Driveway

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Apparently police in Garden City on Long Island, have no more crime to fight as they are now harassing local residents for washing their cars on their own property.

Two men were washing a car with a pressure washer in their residential driveway when police rolled up.  The man immediately turned on his cell phone camera.

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Police informed the men that one of their neighbors had called in to complain about the men washing the vehicle in public view.  The officer then said that this was strictly against village ordinanace and told the men not to let it happen again.


He did show the men a “cheat sheet” packet that had the law clearly stated on it, but the men found a discrepancy between the law and what they were actually doing.  The law stated that washing your car in public was strictly prohibited, but the men were quick to state that they were on a private driveway.

The officer told the men that if the public can see it, it is in public.  He then sharply warned that if police got another call about the two, that they would return and issue tickets.

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The police officer threatened, “This is a battle you don’t want to start with us, I’m telling you now.”  He went on to intimidatingly suggest, “You don’t want us being upset with you,” talking about the police in general.

All this over washing your car?  Really? Police have nothing better to do? And what kind of nosey neighbor calls police—and risks police services needed for a true emergency—for someone washing a car?

After displaying his dominance over the men in true peacock fashion, he got back in the car without ticketing anyone.

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