Glenn Beck: “Ted Cruz May be our Reagan”

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On his radio show Glenn Beck had some strong words for President Obama. He accused Obama of projecting weakness to Vladimir Putin by the way he has handled relations with the Russian Government and controversy surrounding the upcoming winter olympics and Russia’s anti-gay law.

“You are angry at Vladimar Putin because he schooled you and embarrassed you on Syria. Now you think you’re going to school him with Billy Jean King.” Beck was referencing a decision to send the openly gay tennis star with the U.S. Olympic delegation.

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Beck did not believe that was a good way to send a strong statement. Beck said he believed that Obama could send a stronger statement by coming out hand-in-hand with openly gay olympic athletes without having told anyone prior to doing so.

“Are you out of your mind? He eats people like you for breakfast,” Beck said.

Talking about Putin, Beck said, “Here’s a guy who’s always out in the frozen tundra without a shirt. He’s got a harpoon in one polar bear and he’s clubbing a baby seal to death with a killer whale. What are you doing?”

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“This guy plays for keeps.”

Beck went on to say that he belives the Russian Government is mocking President Obama behind the scenes.

Then Beck transitioned into a comparison of Ted Cruz and Ronald Reagan.

We are headed for the time that Ronald Reagan came. And you know what. Let me be the first to say that Ted Cruz may be Ronald Reagan. He may be our Ronald Reagan because that guy does not take prisoners. That guy is 1000 times smarter than 99% of the politicans I have ever met – and many of them combined! Really smart, plays for keeps, knows what’s true, is clean, is ethcial.”

What are your thoughts? Is Ted Cruz really the next Ronald Reagan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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