President Obama ‘LOVES’ Duck Dynasty

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When Willie and Korie Robertson visited Washington, DC last year for the White House Coorespondent’s Dinner they met someone they probably never expected to. The Robertsons had been invited to the exclusive dinner as guests of the Christian Broadcasting Network according to a blog posted on

As the TV stars walked into the ballroom they were approached by a man in a black suit who said he was with the White House. The Robertsons reportedly followed him and were led to a private reception with President Obama. They returned to CBN’s table about 45 minutes later with news that the Commander and Chief ‘loves the show’ and even watches the show on Air Force One.

Willie and Korie Robertson at WH Coorespondent's Dinner
Willie and Korie Robertson at WH Coorespondent’s Dinner

The show found itself in the middle of a heated debate when the Patriarch of the show, Phil Robertson made controversial remarks about his personal views on homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine.

Then A&E swifty responded by suspending Robertson from the show ‘indefinitely’. This move was met with an outcry of support amongst many who argue for Robertson’s right to religious freedom and right to speak candidly about his faith, includng his governor, Bobby Jindal.

The opposition to the A&E decision has been fierce and loud. A number of Facebook pages have popped up in support of Phil Robertson which have collectively gained millions of likes as the controversy captivates and lights up the social networks. Thousands of new Duck Dynasty memes and profile pictures have also followed. Americans overwhelmingly support the Robertson family against the ugly attacks that have been launched on them by those who disagree with their beliefs and would rather them be silenced than freely expressed.

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It has been encouraging to see the backing that Robertson has received in the fall-out that has followed his suspension. Americans have come to recognize and decisively agree that they don’t want to live in a country where a man has to first think and calculate his words before speaking from his heart about what he believes.

What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding the popular TV show and Phil Robertson? Let us know below in the comments section.

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