VIDEO: Tough Dad Makes Six-Year-Old Run Next to Car for ‘Football Training’

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This dad is one harsh dude. A youtube video is going viral showing a tough football dad forcing his young son to run next to a car the dad is driving. Dad calls it “football training” and is heard yelling to his son that he’s going to “get your ass in shape.”

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The hard dad is being identified as Texan Brian Yates who apparently dreams that his five or six-year-old son is going to be a football star.

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Anyone want to guess if this dad is some 300-pounder that couldn’t make it in sports himself and is trying to live vicariously through his son? Yeah.

“This is how we train for football,” the dad says on the video. “Daddy drives and you run. Now get your little ass in shape!”

The kid is barely older than a toddler, moron.

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The father driving notes that he is going 8 miles an hour so he is forcing his kid to run at that speed. But even that speed wasn’t good enough for this big talking dad

“‘Come on. Faster Yates. You’re running like old Brian Yates. He ain’t worth a shit, an old slow son of a bitch. Pick it up!,” he yells.

The boy finally speaks up at one point saying that he’s going as fast as he can.

Again, dad berates the boy. “I don’t want to hear your excuses,” he says asking if the boy wants to play for the pros. “If you wanna play for the Cowboys pick that s*** up!,” he yelps.

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Even more outrageously, this idiot dad is making his son run in slip-on shoes, not proper running shoes.

Clearly this idiot dad doesn’t know anything about sports training.

I think this dad could use a good punch in the nose. Don’t you? Tell us below.

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