School Takes Out All Religious Phrases From “Silent Night” For School Concert

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We must be idiots for still thinking there is a war on Christmas, but it’s a little hard to believe our “tolerant” friends to the left as evidence keeps flooding in.  In recent events, a school has removed all religious parts of the carol “Silent Night” for school children to sing in a concert.  Along with this, another school has banned all Christmas related icons from school decorations.

Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School on Long Island in New York went out of their way to avoid offending anyone other than Christians.  The school ended up re-inventing the lyrics to the popular Christmas carol that has been around for ages, “Silent Night.”  In the song, they made sure to take out phrases such as, “Christ the savior, holy infant, the birth of Christ, and round young virgin mother and child.”

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Parent’s were outraged that the school would do such a thing, and some of them even left the event their own children were singing in.  One angry mom, Jackie McDonald, explained, “To choose to sing ‘Silent Night’ and eviscerate the meaning of the song was not appropriate.”

Fortunately for McDonald, she wasn’t the only one offended by the school’s actions, as many parents expressed their outrage. “Both the principal of the school and the school district superintendent apologized for the blatant slight to Christianity, saying the repression of Christianity was an error that won’t happen again.”

As they say, “the squeaky wheel gets greased,”—maybe it’s time Christians unite in order to voice our offense to the war on Christmas.  I think liberals may be taken back at how many Americans feel this way.

Another school, Ludlowe High School in Connecticut, has taken to banning any and all decorations that can lead to discussion about Christmas, and in turn, the religion behind the holiday.  “Greg Hatzis, the principal at the school, who for some odd reason has taken to calling himself the headmaster,” explained that, “no religious belief or non-belief will be promoted by the district or its employees and none will be disparaged.”

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As the school geared up for a contest to raise money for their upcoming prom, staff were told that students were forbidden to decorate classroom doors with anything relating to Christmas.  He did say that things representing the holiday season could be used such as, “Wreathes, candy canes and snowmen.”

I’d hate to tell this guy, but candy canes represent a shepherd’s staff—you know, the first people to see the star over Jesus in Bethlehem. The stupidity here, really knows no bounds as politically correct enforcers aim to take Christ out of Christmas.

Here’s a solution for you—if you don’t like the true meaning behind the holiday, don’t celebrate it.

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Federal courts have already banned prayer in schools but it appears that the Christian community is beginning to fight back.  Earlier this year, Governor Rick Perry of Texas signed a bill into law allowing any and all discussion about Christmas in schools without fear of prosecution.

I wonder how far liberals will push before Christians decide enough is enough.

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