Officers Sexually Assault Woman While Searching For Drugs Without Consent

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A woman was left physically as well as psychologically damaged after police violated her on multiple occasions in a search for drugs.  As of December 18th, the woman has filed a lawsuit suing the U.S. government for “serious sexual assault.”

It all started on December 8th, 2012, when the 54 year old, only known as Jane Doe, crossed back from Mexico via the El Paso, TX border crossing.  While there, agents were alerted by a dog that the woman may have been carrying drugs across the border.

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From there, the woman was taken into a facility where she was patted down and agents dug around inside her underwear.  After they ran their fingers across the woman’s genitalia and didn’t discover the drugs, they forced her to squat down where they shown flashlights in her cavities in search of the mysterious drugs.


In order to further degrade the woman, she was taken to the University Medical Center of El Paso where they observed a bowel movement.  After still not finding the ever illusive narcotics, they took to more drastic measures.  Agents then ordered the woman be x-rayed and when no results were yielded, a more, in depth, cavity search was performed—both rectal and vaginal.

Still not fining any contraband, the woman was subjected to a cat scan which showed nothing and was finally able to return to her home, humiliated.

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The worst part about this is that police or doctors didn’t obtain her permission. After all, if they had asked and she said no, they would not have been able to perform the extremely invasive and demeaning procedures—although they may not have listened.

Jane Doe is being represented by the ACLU.

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