Michelle Obama Tries to Guilt Trip Kids Into Signing Up for Obamacare


December 20, 2013 11:28am PST

Michelle Obama recently appeared on the Al Sharpton radio show and tried to use the “guilt card” saying that young people should sign up for Obamacare “for their mothers.”

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Naturally, the very people that Obama needs to sign up for Obamacare to make it work, young people–known as the “young invincibles” because they are usually healthy and don’t need healthcare insurance–aren’t doing it.

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The reason few young Americans are signing up are varied. Many aren’t aware that they are required to by law to sign up. Others are upset that they are required to sign up and are pushing it off or refusing because they are against the compulsory aspect of the whole thing. Others wonder why they should be forced to pay thousands and thousands a year for something they have no use for. And many more don’t have the money to buy the insurance even if they wanted to.

But Obama needs these people to fund his scheme. Obamacare is like a pyramid scheme where people at the bottom put in money they’ll never see so people at the top can get theirs. It is the young who are supposed to be paying the bills for others who are using Obamacare. To meet that end, Michelle told Sharpton that kids should sign up for “their mothers.”

“You know, young people aren’t just living out there on their own, if they get sick and can’t afford it, who’s going to have to come in and clean up that financial mess but the parents and grandparents who care about them. You know? So young people owe it to their mothers, to give their mothers the peace of mind to know that they are insured and that they can take care of themselves if something goes wrong.”

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This is a mark of desperation. Obamacare is failing miserably. This is one more example of that.

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