WATCH: Entire Bus Attack Thief And Hold Him For Police

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A would-be robber got a bit of a shock when his victims didn’t want to comply with his demands.  After sticking a gun in several bus passengers’ faces, one victim confronted the thief resulting in an all-out bus effort to detain the man.

The 19 year old suspect, Trevonnte Brown, was just going about his life as a thug, sticking his gun in rider’s faces, demanding they hand over their cell phones.  He was apparently successful a few times in taking the other passengers property, but he had no idea what was in store for him as he attempted his next robbery.

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After pointing the gun in the face of an unsuspecting victim, the man’s fight or flight response kicked in—the emphasis being more on the fight aspect.


Once the gun catches the man’s attention, he grabs the gun and charges that man into the side of the bus.  This abruptly triggers a unanimous action by all the men on the bus to come to the aide of the confrontational victim, and subdue the man.  They quickly jump on top of the man as several of the people are heard yelling to, “Grab the gun.”

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After releasing the gun from Brown’s possession, the man is heard telling the hero’s to “get off of me,” to which they reply, “you’re not going anywhere.”  As the men bear down, the assailant whines that, “you’re hurting me.” You then hear someone swiftly answer, with a, “good.”

After police were able to arrest the man, news crews showed up to interview the victims turned heroes. Chris Briggs, one of the passengers Brown had already robbed told KOMO-TV that at first he told the suspect no when he demanded his cell phone, but as he jabbed harder and told Briggs, “Don’t make this any harder than it has to be,” he complied.

He went on to say, “Then me and a couple other guys all just kind of jumped at the same time to kind of tackle him.”  Some of the men even got a few punches in on the gang banger.

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Brown was charged with three counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery. If convicted—which seems to be the probable outcome—he faces more than 15 years behind bars.

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