Is Phil Robertson Worried About His Suspension?

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A lot of people were wondering how Phil Robertson was going to react after getting suspended When A&E violated his freedoms of speech and religion in the name of political correctness.  A few were nervous that he may bend under the public spot light, but most Americans were hoping he’d stick to his guns.  As it turns out, after hearing the news of his mandated hiatus, he went to church.

The thing is, he wasn’t there to pray for himself or his television career—he went to pray with a woman who had discovered she had cancer.

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It truly goes to show the dedication this man has to God and his religion—the exact thing that got television producer’s panties in a bunch in the first place.

In fact he didn’t even mention the events that happened within the past few days to anyone, not even the pastor. When asked if Robertson was a “homophobe,” Pastor Mike Kellett stated, “Phil is doing his best to follow God’s word. He always treats people with love and respect.”

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Yeah–let’s make sure to throw the PC term out there for everyone to label him.  God forbid we realized that it is a matter of religion and beliefs than someone just trying to suppress their alternative way of life.

Anyhow, Kellett went on to say, “Television shows come and go. His faith is forever,” in defense of the TV star.  After all, if you sell your soul for fame, what’s left when your fifteen minutes is up?

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Robertson’s latest selfless actions show not only the strength of his faith in God, but how little being on TV matters to him.  It seems that A&E may need Robertson more that Robertson needs A&E.

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