Glenn Beck Offers ‘Duck Dynasty’ a Spot on His Blaze TV Network

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On his syndicated radio show today, Glenn Beck made an offer to the famed Robertson family of TV’s Duck Dynasty. He told them that he’ll make a spot for them on his new The Blaze cable TV network and they will have full control over everything.

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On his show Beck went into a long discussion of the Duck Dynasty controversy and warned the Robertson family that if they don’t stick together and if they back down on this issue, they may as well hang it all up.

“[All the other networks] will fold to pressure,” Beck said. “They will all fold to sponsors. They will all fold to money because they are all in over their eyeballs are debt … the only reason why Phil was put on hiatus and not the rest is because it is a money-printing machine.”

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Beck also noted that the family have come to a decision point.

“If I am in the Robertson family, I sit down with my family and say, ‘Is this the way we’re going to [let] him be treated? Is this who we are? Are we going to [be] quiet because he has an opinion about the scriptures?'”

Beck said that the family never had a better opportunity to stand up for their religious beliefs and if they don’t take it now, they will suffer a hit to their credibility.

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Beck has made some important points here. Like many other cable outlets, Beck would also LOVE to have the Duck Dynasty folks land at his station, for sure.

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