‘Duck Dynasty’ Does NOT Need Hollywood

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John Nolte has given us one of the most salient points in this week’s Phil Robertson controversy. Hollywood and A&E need Duck Dynasty far, far more than Duck Dynasty needs them!

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Nolte made the excellent point in his blog post at Breitbart News today where he noted that the folks at Duck Dynasty don’t need Hollywood and can chart their own path in the entertainment industry because they’ve earned their own following.

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Nolte says that it is pretty obvious that A&E and the gay groups want to use the Robertson family as an excuse to put on a “show trial” and persecute them for their Christian beliefs. The goal is to destroy traditional religious beliefs and make anyone who hold these truths to be perceived as purveyors of “hate” crimes.

“The problem for A&E and the political left, though,” Nolte writes, “is that in today’s world, the boys of Duck Dynasty hold all the cards.”

Nolte says that the politically motivated gay lobby and their supporters in the entertainment industry intend to try to initiate a “McCarthyistic campaign to toxify Duck Dynasty right out of Hollywood.” He went on to say, “But whether this anti-Christian jihad is successful or not, it can only backfire.”

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“If, however, the show is cancelled and therefore driven out of Hollywood (no established Big Entertainment companies will dare pick it up) , only Hollywood loses–and more than just millions of dollars,” Nolte warns.

The Breitbart writer goes on to say that the show has a great many places where it could end up and where ever it goes it will bring great success.

Nolte wraps up his excellent piece saying, “Duck Dynasty could become much more than just a cultural phenomenon, it is the kind of show and this is the kind of controversy that could fracture even more the very foundation of Hollywood’s stranglehold on American popular culture.”

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“The only way the Robertson family loses is if they in some way cave.”

Nolte is right. The Robertson family were already millionaires before their TV show started. They made it big with their duck call manufacturing company. That is why they came to the TV producers’ attention in the first place.

The Robertsons do not need Hollywood. But Hollywood will lose big if they attempt to destroy the Robertsons.

What do you think? Is Nolte right?

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