California Bans Lead Bullets In Effort To End Hunting

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In effort to manipulate the fight against gun control, liberals in California have signed an all out ban on lead ammunition.  Disguised as a public health bill, AB 711 effectively bans all use of lead bullets suggesting a more “green” approach to hunting.

On October 11, Governor Jerry Brown (D), signed the bill into law.  Offering a weak explanation, Anthony Rendon, the bill’s writer, says that as we have taken lead out of children’s toys, cooking utensils, and water pipes, in order to address the public concern of lead, they are banning lead in the form of bullets from California as well.

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Tell me if I’m wrong here, but aren’t all the previous items somehow related to things you put in your mouth?

Of course it shouldn’t be in children’s toys and water pipes—but when was the last time you rolled around in a pile of bullets or popped a few in your mouth?

Gun rights experts tell reporters that it’s all just ploy to ban hunting in its entirety.  Sam Paredes of the Gun Owners of America claims that within five years of the law going into effect, there will be no more hunting in the state of California.

Of course Rendon disputes this by saying there are two dozen other companies that make lead alternative ammo in the state of California.  Although,  I’d like to know how much is available in proportion to the availability of lead based ammo.

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The bill is said to take effect in July 2019.

Do you think liberals are really concerned about the environment, or is this a sneak step towards stricter gun control?

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