VIDEO: MSNBC Racist Gets Her Nonsense Slammed Right Back in Her Face

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MSNBC had another one of those now prosaic racebaiting panels on its second rate show hosted by blatant racist Melissa Harris-Perry where panelists sit around claiming everyone but they are racists. But this time another panelist slammed it right back in their face.

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Angela Rye, the former Executive Director and General Counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus, amusingly insisted that the GOP is “racist.” Now, let’s remember what the Black Congressional Caucus is. It is a race-based (meaning racist) organization that famously refused to allow a white man to join. And this ignorant whelp has the gall to say that other people are racists?

Ignoramus Angela Rye (left).

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Anyway, on the show this liar claimed that all Republicans are racists, that all tea partiers are racists, and also spouted the lie that white tea partiers spat upon Representative John Lewis in 2010 as he and several Democrats were walking into Congress.

After these lies, another panelist, Republican strategist Ron Christie–also an African American–rightfully blasted this lying racist for her calumnies.

GOP strategist Ron Christie.

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“I will not allow people to sit here and say there was a racial aspect to it. That’s absolutely false!” Mr. Christie said forcefully.

Then this ignorant woman had the temerity to tell Mr. Christie that he needed to “calm down.” I see. So, this woman can sit there and call all whites and all Republicans racists, but no one should be a bit upset at that?

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But it all of a piece from the liars on MSNBC. Of course, the amusing thing is that more people will see this posting of mine than will see any show on MSNBC. And that isn’t hyperbole, either.

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