Unarmed Woman Shot In Head By Police While Sitting On Her Couch

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A woman was left fatally wounded after police shot her in the head.  Apparently the woman was sitting on her couch unarmed when the incident happened.

Officers from the U.S. 23 Task Force happened to be executing a search warrant on Krystal Barrowsin’s home in search for weapons.  While the officers approached the house, Barrowsin was in the house sitting on her couch not a threat to anyone.


It is unclear how it happened, but one of the officers accidentally discharged their weapon sending a live round into the house.  As it stands, the round penetrated the outside wall, flew into the house and into Barrowsin’s skull.  When police came crashing in, they ended up finding the woman slumped over in critical condition.

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She was then quickly taken to the medical center at Ohio State University where she died.

Police did mention that the raid proved to bear good results despite the unfortunate events.  They claimed to find, “heroin, guns,” and a large amount of money within the home.  They were also able to arrest six people, “most of whom had outstanding warrants.”

The police lawyer did state that the incident was an accidental occurrence.

Ivestigators are trying to determine whether the gun “malfunctioned” or if the incident was the result of a mistake made by the officer. Either way, a gun doesn’t just “accidentally” go off and I’m sure the answers given by police will be no consolidation for Barrowsin’s family.

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She did leave behind her three sons, ages 9, 14 and 19.

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