Cop Rapes Drunk Woman After Traffic Stop

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A Fort Wayne officer has been arrested and charged with rape after pulling a woman over for drunk driving and then raping her even though she was too drunk to give consent.

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Officer Mark Rogers is accused of pulling the woman over for drunk driving in September. She was so drunk that she vomited. The cop then took her to the local ER but when she was released by doctors the officer cuffed her and drove her to a secluded park where he forced her to have sex with him.

Accused rapist, police officer Mark Rogers.

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Officer Rogers stands accused of two Class B felonies one of which is forcing the woman to have sex despite that she was “so mentally disabled or deficient” that she couldn’t give consent.

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After he raped her, officer Rogers is reported to have driven her to her home and released her.

Officer Rogers’ filed report claims that he stopped the woman for drunk driving, took her to the hospital, then left her there. He indicated in his report that he merely went back to the station to file his report and did not mention taking the woman from the hospital or leaving her at her home.

Rogers and his lawyer at his recent hearing.

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Rogers is also charged with filing a false report.

If convicted, Rogers faces six to 20 years in prison.

Another cop abusing his power. Please add your thoughts in the comments section.

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