VIDEO: American Citizen Labeled “Trash” Then Lynched By Officers While In Police Custody

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Every day, we give police officers a certain amount of leeway to perform their duties how they see fit. But what happens when they cross the line? According to a coroner’s report, an inmate’s death, that correctional officers had claimed to be a suicide, was ruled a homicide.

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It all began when Zachary Goldson had been accused of firing his .22 firearm across the road near his home.  Police quickly showed up to arrest the man.  Goldson maintained the position that he did “nothing wrong,” even as he was being thrown into a cell and faced spending the next 14 years in it.


This is where the facts start to blur correctional officer’s statements.

While in jail, Goldson had written to his mother and 9 year old son Tim.  In it he claimed that he wanted to see them when he got out and that he hoped they stuck by him through this—a claim a suicidal man wouldn’t have made.


He wrote:

“Im just writin you to tell you I love you mom…I’m going to miss you both and Im prayin you are still around when I get out because I don’t want to loose my mom while im in jail.”

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After his ninth day behind bars, he was taken to the jail hospital because he was vomiting.  Apparently the man had swallowed a pen and some staples.  During the transfer to the hospital, he attempted to escape.


Goldson used his shackles to strike an officer fleeing from police if only for a second.  Officers quickly piled on top of the man where he was once again detained.

During the incident, a police officer rolled up with his dash cam on, recording even more proof that both correctional and police officers intended to harm the man.  After calling him “trash,” one officer stated how he like to, “break his f*****g neck.”


Before being hauled off, and officer was heard saying, “This motherfucker is going to receive a welcome party at the jail.”

Less than an hour later, Goldson was found hanging in his cell.  Officers were quick to label it as suicide.

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As investigators and coroners analyzed the scene they were quick to determine a few discrepancies.  First of all, the video of the man’s cell was miraculously deleted—a huge red flag as why else, beside covering something up, would video evidence be deleted?  Next according to the coroner’s report, it stated that it was, “physically impossible,” that the 6’1” inmate could have reached the ceiling where the knot was tied.


Of course, the Chief Deputy, John Schadle, was quick to come to the aide of his fellow officers.  Assisting the men with hiding behind his brothers in blue, he stated that there must be some political reasoning behind the coroner’s false claims.

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Goldson’s mother however believes otherwise saying, “At first I thought it was a suicide until all the information started coming in, but there was so much evidence, it became clear that something was wrong.”

There is no word yet on whether the investigation will gain traction as officer’s attempt to save face.

Let us know how it makes you feel to see officers abusing their authority.

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