VIDEO: Female Shopper Foils Strong-Arm Robbery

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46-year-old Elena Kabardaeva is like a super hero in her hometown this month for foiling an armed robbery at a jewelry store and it was all caught on video.

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The middle-aged woman was browsing at a local jewelry store in her hometown in Russia and had only just exited the store front shop when she got the surprise of her life.

Would be thief starts his escape with a tray of jewelry.

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The video shows a man walking in seconds before Mrs. Kabardaeva had left the shop. Then, just as Kabardaeva was leaving and before the store’s door had closed behind her, the would be thief pepper sprayed the clerk and grabbed a tray of jewels from her.

But as he tried to rush out of the store pushing past Kabardaeva, she instantly realized what had happened and grabbed at the thief causing him to drop his booty on the ground.

Instead of stopping to retrieve his stolen goods, the thief kept on running.

Kabardaeva bent down and started picking up the merchandise and dutifully returned it all to the store.

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Amusingly, the younger female store clerk ran out of the shop, whisked right by Kabardaeva–who was picking up the would be thief’s leavings–and ran after the crook.

I am not quite sure what the store clerk thought she was doing, but she didn’t lose any wares, anyway.

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