Lawsuit Says Police Beat a 13-Year-Old With a Cell Phone

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Two boys are suing the Waukegan, Illinois police department for brutality after one boy said that officers smashed him in the face with a cell phone and broke his nose.

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The two youngsters were grabbed up by police who thought they may have committed vandalism. Police questioned the kids for three hours but were unable to get either to admit to any wrongdoing.

Jonathan Garcia, age 13, alleges that after he refused to sign a confession he was beaten in the face with a cell phone.

Jonathan Garcia, age 13, says police beat him up.

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The lawsuit also alleges that the officers chocked the boy, threatening him in an effort to get him to sign a confession.

Garcia says that his friend, 14, was also beaten and threatened. He also refused to sign any confession.

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“If the police is doing this, who do I call if I’m in danger because they’re the ones doing the danger,” the boy inarticulately said to the media outside Waukegan city hall after a recent meeting there.

Garcia’s lawyer claims the incident shows a “pattern of abuse” perpetrated by the police department.

The city has not released a statement on the matter.

(H/T Daily Caller)

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