Gunman Shoots Himself and Three Others In Reno Hospital

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Two people are dead and two were left injured after a gunman open fired in a Nevada Hospital on Tuesday.  The suicidal gunman eventually turned to gun on himself putting an end to the mayhem.

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Many of the details are left unclear after a deranged man tried to take as many people with him before committing suicide. Reno Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson would not comment on much including who the shooter was, who the deceased were or even how many shots were fired.  He did however say that the shooter was a male and no one else was involved.


Robinson describes that in effort to maintain the best chain of evidence and ensure they get the whole picture, the names of the murdered weren’t going to be release based on speculation.  He stated that, “We’re in the middle of an investigation and we don’t want to compromise that by rushing up to identify them.”

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Gail Powell released that both the injured parties were in surgery and one of them happened to be a doctor.  She added that the doctor was a woman but finished by stating that she did not have any more information regarding the shooting.


The shooting occurred on the fourth floor of the Renown Regional Medical Center in the Center for Advanced Medicine.  At around 2:05 p.m. authorities were alerted to shots fired from within the hospital.  After arriving somewhere between three and five minutes later, the hospital was placed on lockdown where police performed a, “a systematic search, floor to floor, room to room.”

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“More than three dozen police cars, including SWAT team vehicles, surrounded the sprawling medical complex and closed off a three-block area near downtown Reno.” The injured were treated right at the hospital by medical staff.

Swat team officers near the Renown medical centre in Reno

A spokesman for the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority, Scott Walquist, explained, “At least one person was transported by ambulance from the building where the shooting happened to the Renown hospital’s emergency room.”

State Sen. Debbie Smith just happened to be in a nearby building for an appointment.  When she tried to leave she was opposed by SWAT officers. Recalling the event, she described, “I encountered some SWAT team guys, they said nobody was leaving. A police officer was at the door and said I couldn’t go out there.”

renown shooting

Even though the dead still laid on the fourth floor, the hospital was able to post on their website only 2 hours later that they were back up and running and fully operational.

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Scott Sonner of  Breitbart writes:

“Renown Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital in northern Nevada. It has played an important role in responding to several recent tragedies in northern Nevada, including a crash at a Reno air race in 2011 that killed 11 people and a rampage at a Carson City restaurant the same year that killed three uniformed Nevada National Guard members.”

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