LAPD Officer Shoots Drunk Driver Live on TV

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After Los Angeles cops were led on a high speed chase, an officer shot a drunk driver to death live on TV likely because he mistook the sound of another officer’s bean bag gun going off as “gunfire,” prompting him to fire his own gun at the driver.

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Brian Beaird, 51, very stupidly led police on a high speed chase for over an hour on the evening of December 17. Ultimately he ran a red light and crashed his high performance car into another car crossing through an intersection. But when cops finally confronted the man one officer brought out a bean bag gun to subdue the drunken driver. It was a fatal move.

Drunk driver, Brian Beaird.

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Worse for the police, the car chase was being broadcast by KTLA TV, channel 5 in Los Angeles.

Beaird is seen falling out of his wrecked Corvette and then running down East Olympic Blvd until he was shot by police. He is seen on video crumpling over.

Unfortunately, when the officer fired his bean bag gun, the report of the non-lethal weapon seems to have caused another officer to think that his partner was firing a real gun at the driver and he reflexively started firing his own weapon. Beaird was killed as a result of the confusion.

Beaird tries to run away from the scene.

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LAPD Cmdr. Alexander Smith told the media, “Policy dictates that the officer using the non-lethal bean bag shotgun notify other officers so they don’t think lethal force is being used.” Either the officer with the bean bag gun didn’t proper relay what he was about to do to his fellow officer or the fellow officer wasn’t paying attention.

The driver of the car that Beaird ran into was not seriously injured.

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There is no report on whether the police are to investigate the shooting.

This is unfortunate for the driver, granted, but, come on. The idiot was putting an awful lot of people’s lives in danger. Still, he didn’t deserve to die for his actions. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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