Airport Security Guard Dives 16 Feet To Save Child

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Since the 9/11 attack, and the new airline regulations airport security has been in the news countless times.  From the overly touchy-feely pat downs to the scanners revealing naked depictions of flyers, airport security has caught a bad rap. However the newest video to be released will have you applauding rather than booing.

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During the 55 second video depicting a Polish Airport, about a quarter of the way through, you can see the 5 commendable seconds of video.


It appears that after a mother, father and child had placed all their belongings into a bin to be x-rayed, they moved to the other side of the machine to retrieve their possessions.  While over there, you can see the father place the child up on the counter.

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Next thing you know, the child is leaning forward making a dive bomb, face first, straight to the floor.  It is unclear if the man had nudged the child or if the boy just lost his balance.


Out of nowhere, you see just the upper half of an airport security guard come diving to the rescue of the boy on the lower left side of the screen.  He was said to clear about 16 feet before successfully catching the boy and breaking his fall.

The child was then handed back to the father who placed the boy back on the counter—Duh!


Luckily this time, his mom was paying attention and came over to pick the child up.

The child was reported to be ok—thanks to the airport security guard.

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