CAUGHT ON TAPE: Woman Mauled By Cat She Saved From Euthanization

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A Michigan woman is recovering after she had been attacked on November 30th by the stray cat she saved from being euthanized.

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The woman, who only identified herself to news reporters as Maxx, was outside when she noticed her mother’s dog being harassed by her cat, Buddy.  In effort to spare the dog any more hassle, the woman walked over to shoo the cat away.


When she approached Buddy, she began flicking snow at the cat with her foot in an attempt to make the cat run away.  As she continued to fling more and more snow at the cat, he looked to physically get upset.

At one point the woman flinched and after realizing that Buddy wasn’t attacking, she appeared to point and yell at him.  Whatever Maxx said, the cat intended to let her know that he did not appreciate it.


As the cat hunches down, the woman once again tenses up in anticipation of what was about to come.  The cat leaps into the air, uses the woman’s thigh and knee as a stepping stone to reach his final destination and target—Maxx’s face.

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Sinking its claws and fangs into the woman’s skin, she attempts to swing the animal around in effort to dislodge him, but she loses her footing on the icy ground and drops to the floor in agony.


She told reporters, “Your first reaction was to get him off and when I went to go pull, I could feel his teeth.” But she quickly came to the realization that she couldn’t, “just rip him off or he was gonna rip me wide open.”

After the cat released the woman, she was able to toss him aside and go inside.  She quickly realized the reality of the injury as she was bleeding quite heavily and took a trip to the hospital.


Once there her face began to swell profusely from infection—eventually leading to cellulitis.

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Maxx told reporters that Buddy was put down and tested for rabies, but it still wasn’t easy for her. She explains, “He was sweet as pie.  When they came to get him I couldn’t even watch because even though he did that to me, I couldn’t see them take him away because I knew what they were going do to him.”

As it turns out Buddy did not have rabies.


A few days later, the woman discovered that she had captured the incident in its entirety on her home security camera.  She then posted it online.

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Despite the woman’s still fresh puncture wounds and scars, some people are questioning the authenticity of the video and believe it to be a prank.


I certainly hope the woman wouldn’t have had the cat put down for a prank.

What do you think?

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