VIDEO: Air Force Veteran Slams Illinois Town’s Anti-Gun Town Hall

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A US Air Force veteran had about enough of an anti-gun town hall hosted by representatives of the New Trier, Illinois Democrat Party earlier this year. After enduring hours of left-wingers attacking our Constitution, Air Force veteran Kevin Tully stood and defended our rights.

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Tully sat quietly as one Constitution-hating Democrat after another came before the citizens attacking the Bill of Rights and the Constitution saying that we no longer need that old document made by racist, old white guys.

US Air Force Veteran Kevin Tully speaks out.

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At one point during the hate-filled presentation where NRA members were compared to dogs and gun fans were called Nazis, panelist Lee Goodman of the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition told the crowd that it “didn’t matter” what the intentions of the founding fathers were because their day is over.

After that tirade, Airman Tully could take no more and he stood to slam these anti-Constitution, anti-American cretins.

The veteran said:

Sir, sir. While you’re standing up. I’ve sat here [inaudible] and I’d like to agree with the professor. Everyone standing in this room right now, especially the veterans in the room right now, know, that we are all Americans. The problem with this country right now is it’s us and it’s f***ing them. We need to stop this crap.

Now, the thing I would like you to answer, sir. And I did go to war for this country. Whether it was for everyone in here’s ability to have oil and gas in their cars, or the banks, or whatever. I went to war for my country.

And I went to war for your ability to have the First Amendment, to say what you stood up there and said today, to write what you want to write in your newspaper, and have whatever opinion you want to have. You can practice whatever religious freedoms you want. I would like you to answer the question, since you just said that one of the rights that I went to war over to defend, that is inalienable, to every American citizen. If this discussion was going on, about your First Amendment rights, would you still have the same opinion that we don’t need that any more either.

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So, what other part of the Constitution will the left next say is out of date? Freedom of Religion? Freedom of speech?

Tell your thoughts below.

(H/T Legal Insurrection)

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