Ann Coulter Labels Liberalism As A Mental Illness

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In a very strange turn of events, it seems as if a trend is setting out right before the eyes of conservatives and liberals alike.  As mentioned during a news segment on Hannity, the latest Colorado shooter falls into a long line or liberal murderers. Expounding on the issue, Ann Coulter went as far to say that, “liberalism is an aspect of mental illness.”

Now it has already been proved, both by classmates of the shooter, Karl Halverson Pierson, as well as his own posts on Facebook that he was a, “very opinionated socialist.” Coulter however gets down to the nitty-gritty revealing a trend that continues to be true over and over again.

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During her talk with Sean Hannity, Coulter mentions that out off all the political and high profile mass murders, the assailants were all crazy.  But if they were to show any signs of political beliefs, they all seemed to lean to the left.


She states that on several of the occasions it was just the act of a person that was in dire need of serious psychological help.  She goes on to explain, “The problem is with the mental health law in America.”  She states that maybe instead of fending off the gun grabbers that Republicans start to take a proactive approach and offer reasonable solutions that could one day end with a solution.

She states, “I don’t know why Republicans don’t bring it up instead of just fighting defensively against liberals who want to take guns away, how about something that would make a difference?” Coulter expounds on the issue explaining, “From Jared Loughner in Arizona and the Aurora shooting and Adam Lanza, the Virginia tech shooting. They were all crazy people. They were known to be crazy. They should have been forced to take medication or institutionalized.”

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Now here’s where the discussion turns toward the political side of the issue.  We all know that whenever something tragic like this happens, the first thing the liberal mainstream media wants to do is find a republican or conservative that they can point a finger at.  For example, during the last Colorado shooting in Aurora, ABC’s Brian Ross falsely accused Jim Holmes of being a member of the tea party.

Hannity did mention prior to this that the media was reluctant to come forward with the facts that Pierson was an outed socialist.  I wonder who knows why they didn’t want that little fact coming to light.

Coulter went into more detail about her discovery saying:

“Every single presidential assassination in the United States – sometimes it’s just a run-of-the-mill nut. But to the extent they have been political, they are always liberals. They’re communitarians, they’re socialists, they’re communist. There have been four members of Congress were assassinated. Two were just crazy people. And the two – the first and the last were committed by liberal nuts.”

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Having dropped the bomb, Coulter effectively demonstrated that the main stream media has yet to prove that one of these maniacs belongs to the Republican party or shares conservative beliefs.   She then ties the two ideas together saying, “Well, as I was the first to say and other people ripped it off – liberalism is an aspect of mental illness.”

She brings the matter home reiterating the issue that, “it is not surprising to the extent any of the political violence or any assassinations are political, it is always, always, always liberals. There has never been a right-wing assassination attempt on a president or a member of Congress.”

She then adds, “Certainly not a successful one,”—really an irrelevant point.  The fact of the matter is, successful or unsuccessful, the thought is heinous in nature and no less savage.

Why do you think that the only political view involved in these murders is that of liberalism?

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