WATCH: Violent Thug Viciously Beats A Homeless Man

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The savageness and brutality of human nature continues to show no bounds as a new video was recently released.  In the video, it shows two thugs causing chaos with some innocent homeless folk.  While the men continue to get riled up, the harassment turns into a physical assault as the thugs unjustifiably beat them.

With the only description of the video being that the incident happened at 4am in Venice, CA on 12/13/13, one can only speculate the reasoning behind the attack.


It appears as if the thug, of Mexican descent, was highly intoxicated as all you hear come from his mouth are obscenities—everything else is either in Spanish or was slurred to the point of inaudibility.  Cursing in both English and Spanish, the video begins as two assailants are stomping on one of the homeless men.

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A short while after, the cameraman opens his window where he was looking down on the incident to reveal that the gang bangers now had two poles of some sort that they were using to savagely assault the innocent man.  He was able to get away, and although one of the thugs took chase, he gave up shortly as he wandered out of the view of the camera.

The other violent man stuck around to play out the rest of his violent rampage as he picked another target to pursue.  This man got the worst of it as he unfortunately fell when his pants dropped as he tried to run from his attacker.

The violent drunk picked up one of the camping chairs that were sitting amongst the homeless and began to use it as a weapon on the man who fell.  He is then seen pummeling the man several times all over his body including his feet, legs, back, arms, and his head.  The man cries in agony with every excruciating blow, but the assailant shows no mercy continuing and calling the man a “m*****f****r.”

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The thug continues to deliver countless agonizing blows to the poor man’s head.

After the offender physically exhausts himself into leaving, the man is seen helplessly lying in the road as bystanders tell him, “We got help coming bro.”  You can also make out the terrified cries of those who witnessed the atrocity. The video then cuts out and shows the fire department on the scene a little while later.

We will hopefully hear of this man’s arrest charging him with several counts of the assault and his crimes.

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