An Apology To SNARR

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SNARR gives hope to the hopeless by rescuing animals who are sick, injured, or disabled.

The group gives “unadoptable” animals medical attention and training to make them “adoptable” and help them find loving homes.

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The group’s official website states:

We are deeply moved by animals with special needs; however, many of those in our care have a very specific special need — they need someone like you to love and care for them! We are working to put up pictures of all of our animals available for foster or adoption, and as we do so, we encourage you to have a look, get to know them, and see if, perhaps, YOU have a special need in your heart for one of these sweeties. We have also started listing our animals on Pet Finder — you can find a link to us below.

Our rehabilitation and training center is run by Robin Menard, and we also have a strictly foster-based chapter known as SNARR NorthEast overseen by Courtney Bellew.

We take in and adopt out our special dogs from all over the US to approved adopters, and are always in need of fosters or potential furever homes.

If anything in our previous article about abused animals was taken the wrong way, we sincerely apologize — that article had nothing to do with SNARR, a wonderful organization that helps animals and gives them a bright future.

If you would like to donate to SNARR and sponsor one of their animals, you may do so here.

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