Al-Qaeda Video Shows Terrorists Brain Washing Children With Radical Ideals

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Frightening new video has surfaced showing radical Muslim tactics ensuring the war against the infidel continues long after they’re gone.  In two new videos, “religious” leaders of the “tolerant” teachings are shown brainwashing children hardly old enough to communicate properly, let alone think for themselves.

In an effort to drill the mindset in their newest “weapons,” the two jihad groups in Syria can be shown not only labeling anyone not faithful to Allah as an infidel, but training them how to fight as well.  In a disgusting demonstration, members if the ISIS terrorist group demonstrate that the only way to ensure new believers and future “soldiers,” is to brainwash the young.

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the ISIS, is a large Al-Qaeda outfit currently rebelling against Syrian leaders.  In their attempt to “liberate” the area, they intend to enact Sharia law.  Apparently the radicalists can’t seem to recruit anyone with the ability to think for themselves.


The first video shows one “brainwasher” standing in front of several children teaching them the “true” ways of Allah’s word.  Revealed in a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute, the speaker informs his young audience that, “the entire Earth belongs to Allah. Islam elevates the Muslims and humiliates the infidels.”

He goes on to adamantly pound his beliefs into the adolescents minds demanding, “Whoever says that God is three [the trinity] is an infidel. Whoever says that God is two and that Jesus is his son is an infidel as well. Whoever says that Jesus is God is also an infidel.”

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He went on to mention several world leaders such as Barack Obama, the presidents of China and Russia as well as Assad himself, asking the “brainwashee’s” what they consider all the men.  In an automated response, the children all unanimously shout that they are infidels.

Showing the even more repugnant nature of the teachings, he went on to ask what they would do if they managed to capture Assad.  The children prove that they are well on their way to adopting the forced ideals when they shout that they would slaughter the man to which the man responds, “Slaughter him. Right. Because he is an infidel.”

The next video shows that is thought to be a brainwashing camp—a place where children go and are taught the way of radicalism.  Some of the children are thought to be around age of elementary school children.

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The children are shown wearing military style uniforms standing in formation.  At the camp, pictures of the children wearing their jihadist masks can be seen eating pit bread with their weapons close by.

I wonder if the class “Sacrifice for Allah 101” is before or after lunch.

Joby Warrick of The Washington Post writes:

“They are “Zarqawi’s Cubs,” the youth brigade of Syria’s most fearsome Islamist rebel group and one of the newest manifestations of al-Qaeda’s deepening roots in rebel-controlled sections of the country. Building on earlier efforts to expand their influence in Syrian schools, radical Islamists appear to be stepping up efforts to indoctrinate and train children, some as young as 10, according to independent experts who have studied the phenomenon.”

But don’t be fooled as these “cubs” are being trained for years of warfare with one intent—to slit the throat of the infidel.

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The Post provided translation for the song in the background of the second video.  Translation dictated the lyrics said, “Oh mother, don’t be saddened by my leaving,” as the children learning to fight leave, “for the sake of defeating the Jews.”


Although this isn’t the first time, and surely won’t be the last, it really is quite disgusting to see children used as weapons.  Not only that, but to not allow them to think for themselves and effectively force them to commit their lives to the radical interpretation of Allah’s word truly repulsive.

How are you to prevail over a religion that radicalized their youth from a hardly intellectual age?

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