Teacher’s Aide Avoids Jail Time After Raping Student

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Stories of inappropriate educators seem to be increasing frequency as of late.  As newest reports state, a Missouri teacher’s aide is getting off with just probation after she had sex with one of her students.

Missouri labels, “second-degree statutory rape…as someone over 21 who sleeps with someone less than 17 years old.” As circumstances have it, when the relationship began between the woman, Victoria Reinke, and the boy who suffers from a learning disability and a low IQ, the boy was only 16.  Reinke, claims that the sexual nature of the relationship didn’t begin until after the boy was 17. How convenient.

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The two had been communicating prior to their sexual relationship via text messages and phone calls between December of 2011 and March of 2012. Sex between the couple took place in Reinke’s van after school hours.

After being arrested, the woman quickly admitted to having sex with the boy.  During her sentencing, the woman stated that, “I was the responsible, mature one and should have never let anything happen.”

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The boy’s parents showed up to testify regarding the woman’s actions saying, “how the encounter destroyed their relationship with their son, who reportedly still has feelings for Reinke.”

Her defense attorney stated that even if she is given a suspended sentence, she will still receive a felony charge and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. He went on to speak to the judge in response to the boy’s parent’s statement saying, “I’m sorry for the loss of relationship with your son, but I don’t think sending this lady to prison is going to fix that.”

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The same can be said about murderers too.  Just because you put them in prison, isn’t going to bring their victims back to life.  It’s about the punishment they deserve for the crime.

The married woman with three children, “was sentenced to five years of probation instead of the two years in jail requested by prosecutors.”

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