Idiot Participants Of Knockout Game Post Video To Facebook With Their Names

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Well it appears that the reach of the knockout game continues to grow as it has hit the upstate NY city of Rochester.  This time however, it may not have been so anonymous after the assailants uploaded the video to Facebook posting their names along with it.

As you all probably know, the “knockout game” is an incident where a group targets a single individual at random.  The group selects one person to walk up to the victim and knock them out with only one blow.It seems as though the cowards that like to participate in this “game,” like to target people who are less able to fight back.  This time, an elderly man was attacked outside on the street.

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The morons then took to Facebook to brag about their dastardly encounter with the elderly man.  Rochester resident Tiaje Gray ended up sharing the video on Facebook with his family, friends and followers.

Over time, the other assailants in the video chimed in joking over the issue.  A man who only went by the alias, “Haze on Homage” eventually ended up revealing the names of himself and the other assailant. Showing the truly disgusting nature of the man, Haze on Homage wrote, “He saw me the whole time getting ready to punch him it’s his fault he didn’t wanna fight.”

After Haze on Homage revealed the names of those involved, one source was said to have determined the attacker’s real name.

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This gave police the names of those involved as well as the exact time and date that the incident occurred.

The post was of course taken down after the men had come down off their adrenaline high to realized the stupidity of their actions.  Before the video was removed however, a picture was taken via screen cap and posted to Live Leak.

There is no word yet on if Rochester Police have arrested the imbeciles yet.


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