Police Defend Officer’s Body-Slamming of 70-Year-Old Driver

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The video of a Georgia police officer violently body-slamming an elderly woman onto the street has gone viral with many viewers criticizing the cop for his actions. But the officer’s boss is defending the violent maneuver saying the old woman was out of control.

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The incident occurred in the early hours before sunrise in Glynn County, Georgia and shows officers attempting to walk 70-year-old Kathleen Mary Allegrone from her car to a squad car. She was being arrested for drunk driving. The woman is clearly resistant to the cops’ efforts as she is pushed across the street by two officers.

Kathleen Mary Allegrone on the ground being cuffed.

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Once by the squad car, the officers begin to handcuff Allegrone. It is clear she is still resisting.

Ultimately the video shows Glynn County Police Officer Kevin Jones body-slamming the elderly woman to the ground smashing her face into the pavement.

Allergone’s mug shot shows the damage to her face.

After the incident officer Jones was placed on temporary leave pending an investigation, but Glynn County police Chief Matt Doreing defended his officer and returned officer Jones to duty.

Kathleen Mary Allegrone’s mugshot.

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“The totality of circumstances is not typically afforded from the mere viewing of a video or from the individual perspective of a witness,” Doering wrote in his final report on the matter. “Camera angle, clarity, quality and point of view of witnesses does not lend the opportunity for a fully informed judgment as to the actions of an officer or others. I have thoroughly reviewed this incident and find that Officer Kevin Jones acted reasonably.”

Chief Doering also noted that the old woman dug her fingernails into officer Jones’ hand a split second before he slammed her to the concrete.

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The 70-year-old Allegrone was booked Dec. 6 at the Glynn County Detention Center on charges of driving under the influence and obstruction of an officer through the use of violence or threats. She was released later that day on $7,558 bail.

At the end of the video an officer comes over to confront the videographer asking that the video recording be stopped. The officer says he knows that it is legal to record what is going on but does his level best to harass the videographer to force him to stop recording.

The cop implies that he’s trying to protect the old lady’s privacy and asks the videographer if he would want someone recording a scene if it was him or his friends involved. Me, I’d say, “yes” to that. If I was being taken by police, I’d want private citizens video taping the event just in case I was abused by the police. I am sure I’d be embarrassed, of course, whether I was guilty or innocent, but I’d want a video of it just in case, regardless. I would value that protection, I think.

Well, what do you think, here? Was the officer’s actions warranted? Tell us below.

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