Obama Administration Spends $10,000 On POLE DANCING

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The government has agreed to hand over $10,000 to a show that is going to be displaying pole dancing, but it may not be what you think.  The show is said to demonstrate the “dance” that line men do when working on top of telephone poles.

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A company in Austin, Texas called Forklift Danceworks has received a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant totaling $10,000 to put toward their production costs.  The production was titled, Journeyman, part of the companies PowerUP! initiative.


Forlift Danceworks explains:

“This dance will be a massive outdoor production—a set of 20 utility poles, bucket trucks weaving in and out, cranes extending 100+ feet into the air, and 50+ linemen climbing and performing aesthetically sculpted choreography that intertwines their physical work —high wire repairs, fixing electrical grids, and responding to power emergencies—with personal narratives of the long process it takes to become an expert at the job.”

The featured event was said to, “include original music by Graham Reynolds performed by the Austin Symphony and led by conductor Peter Bay, and feature 75 employees performing on 35-foot utility poles and ten bucket trucks and cranes.”

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whq0vpqoThe cost of the Journeyman performance was said to be around $100,000.  As they already had $22,000 earned from fund raising, the $10,000 was a nice boost toward their goal.  Allison Orr, Artistic Director of Forklift Danceworks stated that, “The NEA funding really helps,” in more ways than one.  She went on to explain that, “First of all, it’s a vote of confidence, it gives us a certain amount of respect and credibility that helps us to bring in dollars from other organizations.”

Orr also went on to describe that even though they are a non-profit organization, they were going to bring Journeyman free to the public regardless of whether they received the grant or not.  She said that since there was so much interest in the event, they didn’t even have a choice.

The event took place on September 21 and 22.

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