Vicious Police Brutality Against Man Who Didn’t Have Front License Plate?

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A video has been released in response to some controversy as people were saying that an edited video may not have been portraying an incident truthfully.  The initial video showed a police officer viciously ripping a man out of his car for not having a front license plate.  As it turns out, the man may have instigated just a bit.

The edited video gives a little insight into the matter saying that the man had been pulled over for not having his seat belt on.  As it turns out, he also didn’t have a front license plate resulting from a broken bracket that he was also being ticketed for.

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After waiting for about half an hour, the irritated driver clicks on his cell phone to record the incident.


The video begins with the officer acting polite, even going as far to address the man as Mr. Ward, but quickly turns as the man pokes back.  The driver, asks the officer what the hostility—a previous unrecorded interaction during the incident—was all about.  The officer states that he isn’t here to get into a dispute with the man, and asks him if he is going to accept the ticket.

The man continues to poke the bear but eventually says that he will sign the citation.  When he receives the form, the man thoroughly reads through it in attempt to irritate the officer more.  He then stumbles across a piece of information that the man feels is untrue.

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The officer had written that after he flicked his lights on the man buckled his seatbelt, but unfortunately the man had run through all the officers’ patience.  He told the man to place his hands on the steering wheel and exit the vehicle where he was arrested immediately.

This is where the two videos begin to part ways on blame.  In the edited video, it seems that the officer is overreacting and rips him out of the car violating his rights, but in all reality the man was resisting the officers’ orders and instigating.


What happens outside the car however seems to portray the officer overstepping his authority.  He slams the man into the car and then tackles him to the ground while he was in handcuffs.  After doing this, he stated in his report that because the suspect was resisting he was forced to physically slam him to the ground in order to restrain and handcuff the man—a flat out lie.

It seems that both parties were in the wrong here.  The man for the way he instigated the officer, and the officer for the way he treated the man after arresting him.

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The police department seems to be a little scared though, as they offered to drop all charges of failure to comply, resisting arrest, and having no front license plate if he were to sign a waiver promising not to sue.  He did decline the offer, but all charges beside the license plate were dropped anyway.

Watch the unedited video above and let us know who you think was to blame.

You can also watch the edited version below.

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