Humans Undergo ‘Animal Testing’ For Animal Rights

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Lush Cosmetics performed a bit of street theater in England recently with a little performance that purported to show a human treated the same way animal test subjects are in cosmetics testing laboratories.

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The company performed the side show in order to alert people that many cosmetics companies still use animals to test their products, a practice they claim is an evil that should be stopped.

The little theater was put on in an open store front in London and starred “performance artist” Jacqueline Traides as the human/animal test subject.

A pseudo human “animal testing” subject is manhandled into the faux laboratory.

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Activist website Feels Good Style noted that many people already know of the cosmetics companies that make their products without animal testing. But, “The sad truth is that most people aren’t aware of how we treat animals in the name of safer cosmetics, and testing doesn’t necessarily make our cosmetics safer,” the site says.

Actress pretends that “testing” hurts to show how animals “feel.”

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The performance is all fake, of course. The actress was not harmed in any way. But they were attempting to show how animals are hurt during testing.

The company sponsoring the show is Lush Cosmetics, a UK-based company that prides itself on its politically correct eco and animal friendly products.

Lush Cosmetics “Ethics Director,” Hilary Jones.

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Store manager Chloe Burns

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So,what do you think about animal testing? Much ado about noting? Or a true evil that needs to be stopped? Tell us below.

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