Saudi Prince Trashes Obama

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Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief, slammed Obama’s facile Middle East policies making fun of his “red lines” and lambasting his “indecision” in that violence-torn region.

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Prince al-Faisal criticized Obama saying that he has lost all credibility in the Middle East for his ineffective polices over Israel, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and, well, everywhere else. Al-Faisal also made fun of Obama’s “red line” nonsense during the Syrian WMDs incident.

Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief.

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“We’ve seen several red lines put forward by the president, which went along and became pinkish as time grew, and eventually ended up completely white,” said the Prince. “When that kind of assurance comes from a leader of a country like the United States, we expect him to stand by it. There is an issue of confidence.”

Obama has his issues, al-Faisal said, but when a country has allies, “you should be able to give them the assurance that what you say is going to be what you do.”

Of the United States, the Prince said, “Unfortunately, the big bear has not proven to be very bearish-like recently,” and went on saying, the US should “not only bare his teeth, but also extend his claws” but the US isn’t doing this, he lamented.

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The former Saudi official also noted that Obama has been utterly ineffective with the situation in Syria and noted that Bashir al Assad has no reason to stop killing his own people.

“Why should he stop the killing?” he said of Mr. Assad.

“That to me is why the [rebel force] is not in as prominent position as it should be today,” The New York Times reports that al-Faisal said, “because of the lack of international support for it. The fighting is going to continue, and the killing is going to continue.”

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Obama has failed in every respect in the Middle East…. not that he been good anywhere else, mind you.

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