VIDEO: Three Black Bear Cubs Go For A Dip In Terrified Woman’s Pool

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A woman was severely frightened at the sight she saw when she went to cool off in her pool during a hot Florida day.  When the woman realized that three black bears had broken through her screen, she ran back into her house. To her surprise, all the bears wanted to do was cool off in her pool.


TJ Ozbay said she feared for her life as she watched the three bear cubs frolic outside her glass door.  The bears stuck around to cool off in the woman’s garden for around an hour. During that time, the terrified woman ended up whipping out her cell phone in order the capture the surreal ordeal.

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She then posted the incredible moment showing the bears in all their innocence on YouTube.


It turns out however that Ozbay had reason for concern as 12 fatalities were reportedly caused by black bear attacks within the past 7 years.

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Ozbay indicated to news reporters, “I think it was the sound of the hose that attracted them in to my garden.” The woman stated, “I closed all of the doors and the curtains and ran inside. I told the bears to get out of here – go away I said, don’t come inside. It was very, very scary.”


When the bears did not go away the woman ended up calling emergency services informing them about her unwelcomed visitors. She told the 9-1-1 operator, “There are three bears on my balcony. They are trying to get in to my house. I’m so scared – they’re trying to break through my window.”

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Although Ozbay may not have thought she was going to make it through the experience, she came out unscathed as the bears eventually left the area.


Would you have been scared or amazed if three black bear cubs stormed through your backyard?

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