Top Hospital’s Controversial Decisions to Have the State Take Kids From Parents

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How would you like it if you took your child to one of the top hospitals in your area for treatment of a deadly disease or condition only to have the hospital use its powers to involve the state and ultimately have your child taken away from you? Well this has outrageously happened multiple times at the highly rated Boston Children’s Hospital.

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These controversial abductions of children from their parents perpetrated by the hospital and the state of Massachusetts centers on the hospital’s policy of disbelief in a condition called mitochondrial disease. It is interesting that hospital administrators have decided they don’t believe in this disease–despite wide-spread acceptance of it elsewhere–but it is outrageous that they’ve also decided that any parent that mentions the disease to hospital workers should have their children taken away from them by jack-booted state authorities.

Little Eithene Hilliard.

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The Blaze has a very long and detailed report about this alarming practice detailing two cases of this sort of abduction. The piece by Liz Klimas details the horrifying experiences of the Hilliard family and the Pelletier family both of whom had their children taken from them and imprisoned in the hospital by state orders.

Klimas reports the case of the Hilliard family whose baby little Eithene was born with multiple birth defects. The tyke spent nearly her whole life in the hospital but at least she was in the care of her parents. But when her parents began to pressure the hospital to diagnose their child with mitochondrial disease the hospital ran to the state and engineered the state’s removal of the child from her parents’ care.

The Pelletier family.

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“When she was 2 1/2 years old, the Eithene’s condition began to worsen,” Klimas writes. “Combining knowledge from her own scientific degrees–Hilliard currently studying for a Masters in bioethics–and doing her own research, as many parents with access to the Internet these days would also do, Hilliard suggested to hospital physicians that her daughter be tested for mitochondrial disease.”

At pone point the Hilliards brought their child back to the hospital for the flu and heated conversations between them and hospital authorities led to the hospital getting the state involved in a custody battle.

A protest outside Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

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The case of Justina Pelletier was similar. Justina’s parents also ended up in a disagreement with the hospital over care of their child resulting in the hospital running to the state to have the child removed from her parents’ care.

The Blaze reports that several other cases like this have occurred in Boston, as well.

So, what do you think? Is this not outrageous? Tell us what you think below.

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