Chilling Video Shows The Moment A 6-Year-Old Girl Walks Off Hand- In-Hand With Her Rapist And Murderer

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In a video showing a reality that is enough to make your gut churn, a little 6 year old girl is shown being led away while holding hands with a stranger.  It turns out that the man holding hands with the child ended up raping her and eventually killing her.

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The video shows a little girl, nicknamed “Nong Cartoon,” walking with a stranger through the lobby of Bearing skytrain station in Bangkok ten days ago.


The girl was found to be missing after her father had returned to his vehicle where he left Cartoon sleeping while his folk music concert wrapped up.  Her father explained that after taking his daughter to the concert featuring a popluar band called, “Mai Thai Hui Jai Silp,” Cartoon became sleepy.

Her father then apparently left his six year old daughter unattended in his car to take a nap for around 40 minutes.


The Daily News reports:

“Her disappearance sparked a massive police hunt that ended yesterday with the discovery of her strangled and decomposing body in a deserted area near the city’s Suklhumvit Soi 501 motorway in a case that has shaken the nation.”

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Within hours of finding the girl’s body, police were able to locate and arrest a 32 year old man only known as Nui due to a tip received from the public.  The man had apparently made it 400 miles away from where he had kidnapped the girl in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok, to a town called Nong Khai.


After police found the body, they discovered at least a child’s skull and the white floral pants Cartoon was wearing on the night of her abduction.  For identification purposes, they showed Cartoon’s father. After seeing the clothing that belonged to his now deceased child, he began to weep uncontrollably.

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As the news of this abduction, rape, and murder continue to captivate families all across Thailand, even more distressing information has come to light.

It turns out, Nui had only been released from prison about four months ago.  He apparently had been serving a three year and eight month sentence for the abduction of a child under 15.

I doubt he will be getting out anytime soon—if not ever.

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