Obama Selfie and Mandela Interpreter In Hilarious New Saturday Night Live Skit


December 16, 2013 9:47am PST

We all have seen the pictures of Obama’s “selfie” with the Danish Prime Minister and have heard about the fraudulent sign language interpreter at Mandela’s memorial service.  Well, Saturday Night Live had their own fun with the events that transpired on the day with a comedic press release.

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The skit opens with an actor playing Obama who wants to discuss the improvements on the healcare.gov website.  But first, the actor stated that there were a few issues that needed discussing regarding the Mandela memorial service describing them as a, “series of unfortunate events.”snl3

First was the selfie taken with the Danish Prime Minister and how people seemed to think it upset Michelle.  The fake Obama goes on to state that he did talk to Michelle after the incident and said, “let me assure you, she was furious.”


Next he went onto the translator that didn’t seem to know a lick of sign language.  A different actor, this time slinks his way onto the stage behind Obama and continues to “sign.”  In a goofy parody of the man, he is seen doing many comical hand gestures including the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance.  The fake Obama then has secret service come to the stage to remove the man.

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Next, an actress playing Angela Merkel makes her way to stage sharing, “I have one favor to ask.”  She then states that, ““The Danish prime minister has been bragging all over northern Europe about her selfie with you and I was hoping I could get one as well.” The actor portraying Obama of course says no but she insists that, “I feel like you kind of owe me after the whole wiretapping my cell phone thing.”

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Watch the skit and let us know what you think.


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