Teen Thug Beats & Rapes Elderly Nun In Church Parking Lot

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An 18 year old is behind bars today after he savagely beat and sexually assaulted an elderly nun.

Andrew Bullock, 18, approached the nun who was walking through the parking lot behind her church, Friday morning at around 11:30 am.   He non-threateningly asked the woman if she needed any help.  When she said no, he exposed himself to her.


Bullock then grabbed the 70-year-old nun by the throat and choked her to the ground.  He continued the horrific assault by punching her even sexually assaulting her. The woman was taken to the hospital with reports of a broken jaw.

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The injuries the woman sustained were so severe that she could only communicate with police via pen and paper.  She was then taken into surgery where doctors operated on her jaw.


Investigators mention that where the incident took place, there just happened to be the virgin mother marry above the two on the face of a hill.  They were able to match a boot print found at the scene to the exact boots Bullock was arrested in.

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Andrew Bullock admitted to committing the assault and was arraigned the same night of his crimes.  He was charged with at least 10 charges including felony rape, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

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