Nancy Pelosi Again Pushes ‘Republicans Hate Women’ Lie

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Former House Speaker (I love to say that) Nancy Pelosi had an interview recently with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner where Pelosi decided to let us all know that Republicans hate women. Yeah, she really has nothing new or truthful to say, granted.

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In the interview Pelosi loaded up with a long series of lies.

“I have told people that the Republicans in Congress are against family planning,” she blabbered. “It’s not just about terminating a pregnancy iIt’s about disrespect for women in terms of their decision making to about the sizing or timing of their having a family.”

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This is, of course, a straight out lie. Republicans couldn’t care less if women want or don’t want a family and have no interest in getting involved in how women plan their lives. Being against infanticide is does not equate to being against women’s freedom to lead their lives.

Pelosi went on with more lies saying that she was somehow proven right when Republicans wanted to “shut down government rather than pay for” Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

No Republican ever said that they’d shut down government to stop the illicit payments of our tax dollars to the baby killers in Planned Parenthood. Maybe they should have but they didn’t.

Not to be outdone in the lies department, extremist host Wagner asked Pelosi why Republicans hate women and why do they want to “rewind the clock so many years” on women’s rights–another outright lie, of course.

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“One word: disrespect” Pelousy said. “Disrespect for the role women have in terms of exercising their judgment about their responsibilities. Disrespect for women in the work place and not passing equal pay for equal work, pay equity…”

That is a major lie, too. There are already laws on the books that address the issue of pay, so there is no need to pass special, left-wing laws to address the matter.

Pelousy garbled on, saying, “Whether it’s pay equity and raising the minimum wage, whether it’s paid sick leave, or whether it’s support for we call it ‘early learning,’ but child care in our country.”

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The fact is, government doesn’t need to be in any of therese areas.

But that is the real difference between conservatives and some Republicans and the extreme, big government far, far left to which Nancy Pelousy belongs. We don’t think government belongs making laws in many of those areas and we certainly don’t think government should pay our tax money to murderers of babies.

But these ideas do not equate to us “hating women.”

But let’s take a look at how Nancy Pelosi really feels about women, especially how she denigrates motherhood. For instance, here she is telling an audience that she used to be a mother but then she “got a life.”

Like all leftists, they can’t talk about issues without saying that their opposition is evil and ascribing purely evil motives to the other side. So, to make that emotional argument, they lie. It’s all leftists know.

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