SNL’s ‘Black As Hell’ Santa Slams Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

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Last week Fox News’s Megyn Kelly told her audience that Santa was a white guy and people should just get over it. By Saturday, NBC’s SNL had a message for America from “Santa Klaus”: “You’ve heard of secret Santa, well here’s a secret: I’m black as hell.”

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During SNL’s Weekend Update segment, troupe member Kenan Thompson starred as a black Santa Klaus that riffed on some well-worn and prosaic themes. But even with the same ‘ol, same ‘ol racism topics, the segment did have a few funny lines.

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When Weekend Update’s faux anchor Cecily Strong asked Thompson’s “Santa” if he was OK with people thinking that he was really white, Thompson said, “Well, a white guys taking credit for something a black guy did? I’m more used to it than okay with it.”

Not too sure of how many things white guys took credit for that black guys did, but, there you have it. There are a few, I suppose.

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One funny line, though came when Strong again asked “Santa” if it “doesn’t bother you when people like Megyn Kelly say you’re white?”

In reply, “Santa” said, “Well, I’m surprised people ever thought I wasn’t black. Have you ever known a white man to wear an all red suit?”

Another amusing line was when Strong said that Mrs. Klaus was black. “No, no, no, no,” Thompson said. “Do you think a black woman would tolerate living out in the middle of the snowy wilderness? No, if Mrs. Klaus were black, Santa would be living in Atlanta near her mamma!”

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Fox’s Megyn Kelly has since said that she was just making a joke about Santa and people should get over it.

So, what do you think? Was Thompson’s black Santa funny? Tell us below.

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