Trayvon Martin’s Parents Looking To Cash In On Son’s Death By Releasing Book

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Well it appears we haven’t heard the last of Trayvon Martin yet as his parents so desperately cling to the publicity the death of their son provided.  According to the New York Times, Trayvon’s parents are pitching an idea to publishers for a book about their son and the effect his death had on them.

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Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton have recently come up with a new way to continue their public spotlight and make a little dough as well.  The divorced couple has hired Jan Miller, a Dallas-based literary agent, in order to strike a deal with publishers and of course, get the most bang for their buck.

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Jan Miller is well known in the celebrity line of work and has worked with high end clients such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a quote from 1998—and perfectly describing what the deceased boy’s parents are truly looking for—Miller states the true purpose of her work.  She conveys that, “I determine what people are thinking. I like making people rich.”

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The book is set to describe the short “thug life” of Trayvon Martin as well as describe the effects that his death has had on the two–detailing everything from the shock of his death through the Zimmerman case and beyond.  Publishers describe Martin and Fulton’s pitch saying the intentions for the book, “will center on the roles of race, religion, and faith.”

Isn’t it time these two let their son rest in peace?

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