Obama Uses Newtown Shooting Anniversary To Demand More Gun Control

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President Obama released his “Your Weekly Address” video to the WhiteHouse.gov website professing the need for more gun control.  In it, he uses the one year anniversary of the tragic “Newtown massacre,” to demonstrate, what he feels is, a need to put stricter rules on law abiding gun citizens.

Tugging on the heartstrings of all American’s, Obama delicately states that, “our hearts were broken for the families that lost a piece of their heart.” But this message of sincerity quickly takes a turn to the gun grabbing double-tongued politician we all know him to be.  He transitions his way to his intended point by saying, “Beneath the sadness, we also felt a sense of resolve – that these tragedies must end, and that to end them, we must change.”

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He just had to incorporate his useless, trademark saying in there.

Revealing the true intentions of the video, Obama declares:

“And on this anniversary of a day we will never forget, that’s the example we should continue to follow. Because we haven’t yet done enough to make our communities and our country safer. We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily. We have to do more to heal troubled minds.”

Pro-gun citizens can talk until they’re blue in the face, but thick headed gun grabbers just aren’t getting the message. Time after time, it has been proven that more guns equals less crime.  You want a homicidal maniac to be stopped when he walks into a public place with the intent to kill?  Put a gun in the hands of everyone in that place, and he won’t be able to shoot 28 people.

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Obama talks about “dangerous people getting their hands on a gun so easily,” but it just goes to show how much he listens to the American people.  How many times do we have to say that placing stricter gun control only hurts the law abiding citizen? Criminals operate outside of the law and therefore obtain their weapons through illegal means.  Gun control only hurts the “non-dangerous” people that want to defend themselves and their homes from the people gun control will not effect.

Obama  continued to show either his ignorance, or his total lack of care, for this fact when he states that, “real change won’t come from Washington, it‘ll come the way it’s always come–from you, from the American people.” Oblivious to the fact that as the effects of the Newtown tragedy wear off, gun control support is falling, Obama still pushes forward with his own agenda showing total disregard of American opinion.

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He finished his dialogue by voicing, “As a nation, we can’t stop every act of violence. We can’t heal every troubled mind. But if we want to live in a country where we can go to work, send our kids to school, and walk our streets free from fear, we have to keep trying.”

In a land where our every right is under fire, it’d be nice to hear a valid reason for the proposed infringement. Instead, politicians stick to emotion rather than intelligent fact as the war endures.

I do however agree with Obama on one point.  It is time for change—time to change the president.

Let us know what you think of Obama’s latest stunt to try and take our guns away.

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