GRAPHIC VIDEO: Vicious Daycare Brawl

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A formal investigation was officially opened after a vicious brawl unfolded at an Atanta daycare center. Footage from the brawl shows a parent and at least two other workers stumbling around and swinging their fists at each other. The video shows that all particpants fighting, come extremely close to frightened toddlers. A women is seen rushing to rescue one toddler and remove the child from harm’s way.

The footage of the brawl first aired on WSB-TV.

The video came from inside the baby room at the daycare center. Police are saying that David Gray, one of the parents was the first one to throw the punch. He grew angered after a meeting where he found out that his oldest son was being suspended from the center.

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“He was in such a rage when he went back there. The reason I say that is he walked by his own child a couple of times,” according to detective Thomas Spangenberg.

After the scuffle, Gray was arrested, but the charges we’re recently dropped. Now the investigation begins as state officials look to get to the bottom of what exactly happened that day. While the incident happened about a year ago, the video had not sufaced until now.

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Reg Griffin, the chief spokesman from the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, told that regardless of who the aggressor was, the situation appeared to be handled “horribly” by those involved. Griffin went on to say that once the investigation is closed, state officials will decide whether they will revoke the license from the day care facility.

Do you think this state-run day care facility should be a result of the brawl?

(H/T: The Blaze,, WSB-TV)

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