Biased Reporter Uses His Media Job to Force City To Take Down Nativity Scene

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A reporter for a small Florida newspaper decided that he wanted to see if he could get the city of Chipley to remove its nativity scene from public property because he claims it is somehow against the US Constitution. There is that unbiased media we are so in love with, eh?

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“Reporter” Randal Seyler of the Washington County News decided to try and use his position in the media to destroy a community nativity scene when he noticed that the decoration was put up at city hall.

The “offensive” nativity scene outside Chipley City Hall.

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This biased, troublemaker ran to city hall and warned them he was going to start causing problems for the city if they didn’t remove the nativity scene.

Chipley Mayor Linda Cain was not interested in Seyler’s anti-Christmas crusade, though, so he ran to a militant atheist group that loves to file frivolous lawsuits against cities all across America.

This “reporter” contacted a militant group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation which in turn sent letters to the city of Chipley threatening them over the traditional display.

Mayor Cain released a statement saying, “Seyler made a comment that the nativity scene was unconstitutional and should be removed and I asked him to leave it alone.” And has also said she and the city council will not comply with the threats from the atheist group.

Residents speak out opposing the anti-religious newspaper’s effort to undermine the Christmas decorations.

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“I would much rather you all decide what’s good for Chipley than a group that doesn’t really believe in anything” said Richard Burke, a Chipley resident who attended a town hall meeting held to discuss the issue.

Naturally the cowardly, community-hating “reporter” didn’t show to the town hall. Imagine that.

To hedge their bets, though, the city council decided to add more decorations from other religions to broaden the scope of the display so that the Christian symbols weren’t the sole focus of the display.

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If you would like to contact this biased “news” paper that allows its “reporters” to use their position as members of the media to go on anti-religious crusades, here is the newspaper’s contact pages at its website.

If you are a Twitter user, here is the paper’s Twitter feed:

Maybe this newspaper should be reminded that a “reporter” is to report the news, not create it?

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