Layaway Santa Pays For $20,000 Worth Of Christmas Gifts

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A man has brought shoppers to tears recently—tears of joy that is.  It turns out that a man anonymously paid for half of all layaway items at a local Walmart during the Christmas Season.

Customers of a local Florida Walmart began receiving text messages saying that a payment had been received for their layaway purchases.  Calling in about the, what they thought to be inaccurate, texts, they asked why they had received the messages. To their surprise, it turns out that a “layaway Santa,” had struck helping out the unsuspecting recipients.

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It just so happens that the man identified as Greg Parady, walked into Walmart with the intentions of purchasing bicycles for Toys for Tots.  He then was reported to have heard a woman in distress because she was not going to be able to pay for the gifts she had placed on layaway.  The local financial adviser came to the aide of the woman.


While he was at the register, he took out his own credit cards and began swiping.  He asked to pay for half of everyone’s layaway balances for those who purchased more than two hundred dollars worth of items. Deb Davis, the Walmart operations assistant manager, said, “He was running his cards. I can’t believe they didn’t melt, he was running them so fast.” The man racked up about $20,000 worth of charges.

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After learning about the news, customers were reportedly overjoyed and some even cried. One woman was so overwhelmed that Walmart employees had to help her to a seat while she cried because they were nervous she was going to pass out.


As we bear witness to the “imaginary” war on Christmas and fight through the demands of political correctness, it is nice to bear witness to people acting in the true meaning of Christmas.  As, Parady demonstrated, Christmas is the time for giving and caring.

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The man wanted to remain anonymous, but a fellow co-worker was there to see him and she even managed to take a few pictures.  Sometimes a deed is too good to go unnoticed and we are happy to give credit where it is due.

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