Militant Atheists Force U.S. Air Force to Remove Christmas Nativity Scene

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An anti-religious and anti-Christmas atheist group has forced the U.S. Air Force to remove a nativity scene off base property at Shaw Air Force base in Sumter, South Carolina, saying it “violates the Constitution.”

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The militant atheist group called Military Religious Freedom Foundation sent a letter to the Pentagon whining about the nativity scene early this month. After receiving the letter, Pentagon lawyers became afraid that the plastic Jesus in the Nativity scene would spark lawsuits.

So, the Pentagon had the traditional religious scene removed out of fear.

The “offensive” nativity scene.

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As Todd Starnes reports, “Lt. Keavy Rake said the Pentagon warned that items that are almost exclusively religious in nature, like a Nativity scene, ‘could appear to endorse religion’ if they are displayed alone and away from chapel grounds.”

Air Force work crew disassembles the nativity scene.

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One retired member of the Air Force thinks this is a travesty.

“Let us exercise our right for freedom, let us have that because we fought for it,” said John Semmons, US Air Force (retired).

Sammons served the military for 20 years of his life but admits he never thought his religious freedom would be put to the test. He said, “I didn’t know where a plastic baby Jesus could cause such emotional distress on somebody that they’d want to get involved with the military freedom folks and get it removed.”

Another veteran, James Ward, also lamented the move. “I was shocked and disheartened to see the Nativity removed. This has tarnished the reputation of the Air Force.”

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“This is much more than a war on Christmas, this is a war on the freedom of religious expression,” Ward said.

Well, what do you think about this newest outrageous War On Christmas move by militant atheists? Tell us below.

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